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Don’t let the stress of property buying overwhelm you. Let Central Coast Buyers Agent guide you through the entire process, from appraisals to negotiations and auction bidding. Our professional and experienced buyer’s agents will help you secure your dream property on the Central Coast, stress-free.
We engaged Michael's services to find us a home on the central coast. His knowledge, experience and ability to neogtiate with realestate agents gave us an edge over others who didn't have someone like him in their corner. We got the home that we wanted for the right price and very happy with the expert service Michael provided. He went above and byond from finding the property to final inspection before settlement. If your looking for a home remember this, the vendor has the realestate agent looking after their interests, who's looking after yours? Call Michael, you wont go emotionally wrong with a big purchase like a home.
Terry Recks
3 February 2023
Michael's attention to detail and knowledge of purchasing property is a huge asset to anyone looking to buy property. I have witnessed Michael purchase property for a number of different clients. His communication is fantastic between all of the different parties involved in purchasing property and I would highly recommend anyone interested in purchasing property to engage Michael's services.
Mark Riddell
23 January 2023
I reached out to Michael having had no experience with auctions. Michael impressed me with his knowledge of the real estate market and his availability including after hours. He was more than willing to provide me with local contacts from his own network and engaged with us on a daily basis. I highly recommend Michael and his professionalism.
Catherine Hall
8 November 2022
I highly recommend Michael as a buyers agent. He is very approachable, easy going and very prompt in returning calls, emails and messages.
Stone Real Estate Renee Wright - Sales Agent
31 October 2022
Micheal is very professional and knowledgeable about realestate in the Central Coast and Hunter region. He helped us scope out our potential for property investment and was very generous offering great insights and experience. Thank you so much.
Oscar Stewart
3 October 2022
Michael is an outstanding bloke who is great at negotiating the best price on your new home. If you want to have the best best on the house of your dreams give him a call.
Scott Redmond
18 August 2022
Micheal recently assisted my wife and I find a beautiful new home on the Central Coast. My Wife and I felt we needed additional assistance with our search, as we had quite the list of "must haves" and didn't have an intimate knowledge of the 2-3 areas we were keen on. I initially spoke with 3 local buyers agents and picked Michael because we felt instantly connected through the interview process - you could just sense he was good at what he does, had the appropriate connections, knowledge and a desire to deliver the perfect outcome. Needless to say we were very happy with the end result and most pleased with the professional way in which Micheal approached our complicated objectives from start to finish. Thanks to Micheal for all the help and assistance to find us the perfect new home.
Leigh Southwell
24 July 2022
Michael was amazing to deal with from our initial conversation through to getting the deal done. Knowledgeable, professional and a great guy. Would certainly use his expertise again.
Wade O'Neill
14 May 2022
Michael is an astute professional with a strong work ethic. Michael went over and above what was required and accommodated my preferences to obtain the right property. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone who wants to reduce the risk of Not finding the RIGHT property.
Mary Whalan
8 May 2022
Michael was extremely helpful towards the buyer and agent and would go above and beyond to get a deal done for his clients.
Jameel Hasan
22 April 2022

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A Smarter Way To Buy Property:

Full-Service Buyers Agent Central Coast

Get the complete property purchasing process taken care of, from sourcing and shortlisting properties to market analysis and price negotiations. We will be there with you every step of the way to ensure your property purchase goes smoothly and successfully.

Appraisals & Negotiation

If you have already found the property you wish to buy, we can assist you with securing your dream property at the right price. After we assess the property’s value, we’ll use the information we gathered to negotiate with the sales agent to bring you the best possible deal. 

Auction Bidding
Auction Bidding

Is there a property that’s up for auction you would love to bid on? Maybe you don’t feel confident bidding? Get valuable strategic advice on how to carefully navigate the auction process with our expert team. We can represent you at the auction so you don’t get caught up in the heat of the moment and make costly mistakes you’ll regret. 

Insider Expertise On Your Side With Central Coast Buyers Agent

Michael Olivieri, founder of Central Coast Buyers Agent

When you’re thinking about making one of the biggest purchases in your life, it makes sense to engage an expert to provide confidence in the market and achieve superior results.

Central Coast Buyers Agent is owned and operated by Michael Olivieri. University qualified in property with over a decade of real world experience in the industry, he’s a professional buyer’s agent with a passion for property.

Michael’s mission is helping people find their perfect property on the Central Coast, and he takes pride in providing a personalised and stress-free experience. With extensive experience negotiating deals, Michael is well-versed in the Central Coast real estate market – with a large network of contacts to find those elusive off-market opportunities. He is the perfect partner to help you find and purchase your dream property now.

“ In a market that seems impossible to secure property, Michael got us across the line.” – Krysten McDonald


How We Can Help You In Your Property Journey


Central Coast Buyers Agent assists homebuyers, investors, and commercial property buyers in finding and purchasing their desired properties. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for: a family home, vacation, or investment property – we can help you. 

Whether you’re looking for a family home, investment property or holiday home, we are committed to providing you with our expertise and support. 

Family Vacation in Central Coast Beach

Supporting Our Community

Central Coast Buyers Agent is a proud supporter of Coast Shelter and is pleased to donate a percentage of all sales generated. Coast Shelter is a leading not-for-profit organisation providing specialist homelessness services and support programs on the NSW Central Coast.

I chose to support Coast Shelter as they are an amazing organisation with a bold mission ‘To end homelessness and Domestic and Family Violence on the NSW Central Coast’. I wanted to be able to give back to the community not just through monetary donations but also to volunteer my time. Volunteering is such a fulfilling experience and allows me the opportunity to contribute to something much bigger than myself.

In seeking further ways to get involved I am honoured to also be the Volunteer Ambassador for Coast Shelter. In this role I help build awareness about the various opportunities there are in which other people and businesses can volunteer with Coast Shelter. If you’d like to know more about ways to get involved, please get in touch.

Why Use A Buyer's Agent on the Central Coast?

According to the latest REBAA & Property Talk Australia (PTA) Buyer Barometer Survey, almost one-third of buyers would engage an external buyer’s agent when purchasing a property.

Here's Why:

Time is money

You can focus your time and energy on other things as we will search and negotiate for you.

Access to off-market properties

Buyer’s agents can access properties not listed on and

Best price possible

It requires someone who is an expert in the local real estate market and has impressive negotiation skills to get you the best deal.

Quick and efficient action

In a competitive market, you need to act quickly and efficiently to increase your chances of success in acquiring the property you want.

Unbiased outlook

A buyer’s agent is not involved in selling a property. We can provide you objective and impartial advice.

Support and guidance

A buyer’s agent will offer you advice and support through every step of the property-buying process, which includes undertaking the necessary due diligence.

Peace of mind

It’s comforting to know someone is looking out for your best interests throughout the process.

Get the perfect property before it's gone

If an ideal property becomes available, you can act quickly and decisively with our assistance.

Avoid costly mistakes

You can avoid overpaying for a property as well as avoid pitfalls and potential problems during the buying process.

Take advantage of a good deal

With the knowledge and experience of a buyer's agent, you can negotiate the best price and terms for your purchase.

Don't Miss Out on Your Dream Property!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Dream Property with Swimming Pool
Family of three playing inside the house

Don’t delay – make your property journey a reality today. Central Coast Buyers Agent can help you find your dream home or investment property. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Practice areas

As a Central Coast local, Michael loves everything the Coast has to offer. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re single, have a young family, or a retiree. There are great local schools, shops, cafes and restaurants to discover. Not to mention highly ranked golf courses, resorts and a variety of local markets showcasing produce from the area as well as arts and crafts.

In close proximity to both Sydney and Newcastle, the Coast is easily accessible for those that commute but far enough to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. From the minute you arrive you can sense the relaxed lifestyle. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, scenic nature and coastal walks and some of the lushest national parks.

Take The Stress Out Of Property With
Central Coast Buyers Agent:


Full-Service Buyers Agent

Choosing our Full-Service Buyers Agent service is a hassle-free process. We take care of everything – finding the right property, inspecting,valuing and negotiating for the best outcome. So from start to finish, you can trust us to find the perfect property at the perfect price. 


Appraisals & Negotiations

If you’ve already found a property that you’d like to purchase but need assistance with the appraisals and negotiations process, we can help. We’ll perform a thorough market analysis to establish the property’s actual value and use our expertise to negotiate the best price and terms for you. We will also offer guidance about what you should say and what you should avoid during the process.


Auction Bidding

Found a property you would like to bid on at auction but are nervous about doing it yourself? Take advantage of our Auction Bidding Service where we’ll conduct an appraisal on the property to determine its true value and represent you at the auction so that you can obtain the property for the right price. As you go through the process, we’ll help you make informed decisions by providing guidance and support.

What Our Clients Say

I reached out to Michael having had no experience with auctions. Michael impressed me with his knowledge of the real estate market and his availability including after hours. He was more than willing to provide me with local contacts from his own network and engaged with us on a daily basis. I highly recommend Michael and his professionalism.

Catherine Hall
Michael is very professional and knowledgeable about realestate in the Central Coast and Hunter region. He helped us scope out our potential for property investment and was very generous offering great insights and experience. Thank you so much

Oscar Stewart
We were so impressed with Michael! He was so supportive with what we wanted, helped us with all of our specific criteria, and offered great advice throughout our process of buying a house. He was extremely responsive and reasonable in all negotiations. We are already looking forward to working with him with in the future. In a market that seems impossible to secure property, Michael got us across the line.
Krysten McDonald

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a reason I focus purely on the Central Coast. I have lived here most of my life; I know it inside and out, and I believe that a Buyer’s Agent who is niched in a particular area is going to far exceed the expectations of their clients. This is in contrast to a Buyer’s Agent who stretches themselves too thinly over large areas. It is also the quality of the relationships I have with real estate agents and complementary services on the Central Coast that adds to the unsurpassed value I deliver to my clients.

As you will read from any of my client testimonials, I go above and beyond for my clients, caring deeply about them and their results. I am:

  • Specialised – focusing my energy on the Central Coast in order to keep up to date with the latest and most relevant information for my clients.
  • Educated – With a business degree majoring in property and a diploma of mortgage broking and finance, I believe in learning something new every day. That’s why I continue to participate in further studies to expand my knowledge for the benefit of my clients. Summed up in this fitting quote by Ben Carson – “Knowledge is the key that unlocks all the doors”. 
  • Committed – I never give up…and keep looking until we find you the perfect property for the perfect price.

A Buyer’s Agent works solely for the purchaser and is paid by the purchaser. In contrast, a Real Estate Agent works for the seller (vendor) and is legally obligated to do so. 

Every acquisition is unique, and each strategy needs to be flexible, fluent and dynamic. I understand all the internal and external factors affecting the market at any one time so that my strategy stays on point.

I work closely with Real Estate Agents on a daily basis and gain information on properties before they are made public, if and when they reach the market. This enables me to act quickly and be ahead of any other potential buyers, increasing the chance of securing the perfect property for my clients. 

I’m very proud of my reputation as someone who is honest, a clear communicator and has integrity in all that I do. I ensure that my clients have access to all the details they require to make the most informed decisions. I believe communication is the key.

The Central Coast is an amazing place to live and invest in. It offers a broad range of property types at different price points. It offers affordable options relative to the major cities and you can still get value for your money. There are always opportunities in any market, and being close to the ground enables me to identify those opportunities when they arise.

The Central Coast has strong growth prospects well into the future, backed by infrastructure spending and a diverse local economy, lifestyle benefits and proximity to two major CBDs being Sydney and Newcastle. On top of that, the vacancy rates for rental properties have always been historically low, and as of December 2022, they are below 1.3%. This generally sees higher yields compared to Sydney.

Research must be current and extensive, including growth drivers, major infrastructure, commercial developments, suburb insights and demographics. I share this information with my clients to help them better understand the area and then assist them in choosing the most suitable location. Once a property is selected, I undertake a detailed comparable sales analysis to determine the value of the property and provide this to my clients so they can make an informed decision.

I believe a great negotiation results in both parties feeling happy with the result and neither walks away thinking they were taken advantage of. It is a fine art, and it’s essential to know which levers to pull and at what time to achieve the best possible outcome.

I have developed my skills through undertaking hundreds of property transactions in both residential and commercial properties. I am continually developing new strategies and researching better ways to achieve the best results.

From engagement, the process usually takes about 2-6 weeks to source and secure a property, with the fastest client purchase being 6 days from engagement. It depends on the type of property you’re looking for and how readily available they are.

The deposit is non-refundable, but I have never had a client who I have not been able to purchase for. Before engaging my services, I am upfront and honest if I do not feel I will be able to achieve your requirements. I work closely with you in developing your brief and making sure it is possible to find a suitable property before proceeding.

Clients rave about my local knowledge and the detailed market analysis I provide of surrounding comparable sales. This analysis offers a deeper understanding of the value of the property, and I use this information during negotiations to ensure we secure the property for the perfect price.

It’s ingrained in the Australian culture that people buy their own properties. The Buyer’s Agent service is starting to boom in Australia. This is because it’s becoming harder to secure the perfect property for the perfect price for most Australians who are not property professionals.

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