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Rentvesting: Smart Property Strategy for Modern Living

Soaring home prices locking you out of your dream suburb? Feeling the tug between lifestyle and affordability? Rentvesting, a rising trend in real estate, offers a clever hack: live comfortably in your ideal location while building wealth through savvy property investments elsewhere. In this blog post, let’s explore how rentvesting reshapes the property game and

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Property Investment Strategies: Insider Tips for Success

In the first instalment of my appearance on Bushy Martin’s “Get Invested” podcast, which I covered in the blog post “Investing in Time”, I shared my personal journey, emphasising the early investment decisions, the power of compounding interest and the influence of family values on my path to financial success. In this second part of

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Investing in Time: Michael’s Real Estate Journey

Recently, I had the privilege of sharing my story on the “Get Invested” podcast hosted by my good friend Bushy Martin. We ventured into the intriguing world of real estate investment, a journey that’s been both challenging and rewarding for me and a testament to the value of investing in time. Check out the podcast

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Commercial Property Buying Guide: Invest Smart, Secure Success

Last year, I had the pleasure of discussing the intricacies of commercial real estate on the “Two Drunk Accountants” podcast, where I was able to share my expertise as a buyer’s agent. Listen To The Podcast Below: Commercial property is a market filled with opportunities yet riddled with factors that impact your overall success. Knowing

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Saving for Your First Home – 5 Key Strategies

The thrill of owning your own space, the satisfaction of building a home – the dream of a first home ignites a spark within us all. But: This dream can be riddled with challenges – especially when saving your deposit. The cost of living and property prices are constantly rising in today’s economy, making saving

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How Real Estate Investing Works: Compound Growth & Leverage

Imagine this: you invest in a property, watch it climb steadily in value, and then, years later, you cash out with double your initial investment. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, understanding how real estate investing works can turn this dream into a reality for savvy property investors, fueled by the dynamic duo: leverage and

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