Auction Bidding

Don’t make a costly mistake - leave auction bidding to the experts

Are you planning to bid at an auction but feel nervous? Worried that you might pay too much or get left in the dust by another bidder?

Central Coast Buyers Agent is here to help!

Michael, the owner and lead agent, has years of real estate experience, making him fully qualified to represent you at any real estate auctions on the Central Coast.

Michael knows the intricate ins and outs of auction bidding. Armed with a clear strategy based on proven results, unflustered in the heat of the moment, Michael knows how to navigate the high stakes of an auction.

He can also appraise the property you want to bid on so you know its worth. Armed with this knowledge, you can make a sensible bidding decision.

Michael Olivieri, founder of Central Coast Buyers Agent
Terry Recks
Terry Recks
February 3, 2023
We engaged Michael's services to find us a home on the central coast. His knowledge, experience and ability to neogtiate with realestate agents gave us an edge over others who didn't have someone like him in their corner. We got the home that we wanted for the right price and very happy with the expert service Michael provided. He went above and byond from finding the property to final inspection before settlement. If your looking for a home remember this, the vendor has the realestate agent looking after their interests, who's looking after yours? Call Michael, you wont go emotionally wrong with a big purchase like a home.
Mark Riddell
Mark Riddell
January 23, 2023
Michael's attention to detail and knowledge of purchasing property is a huge asset to anyone looking to buy property. I have witnessed Michael purchase property for a number of different clients. His communication is fantastic between all of the different parties involved in purchasing property and I would highly recommend anyone interested in purchasing property to engage Michael's services.
Catherine Hall
Catherine Hall
November 8, 2022
I reached out to Michael having had no experience with auctions. Michael impressed me with his knowledge of the real estate market and his availability including after hours. He was more than willing to provide me with local contacts from his own network and engaged with us on a daily basis. I highly recommend Michael and his professionalism.
Stone Real Estate Renee Wright - Sales Agent
Stone Real Estate Renee Wright - Sales Agent
October 31, 2022
I highly recommend Michael as a buyers agent. He is very approachable, easy going and very prompt in returning calls, emails and messages.
Oscar Stewart
Oscar Stewart
October 3, 2022
Micheal is very professional and knowledgeable about realestate in the Central Coast and Hunter region. He helped us scope out our potential for property investment and was very generous offering great insights and experience. Thank you so much.
Scott Redmond
Scott Redmond
August 18, 2022
Michael is an outstanding bloke who is great at negotiating the best price on your new home. If you want to have the best best on the house of your dreams give him a call.
Leigh Southwell
Leigh Southwell
July 24, 2022
Micheal recently assisted my wife and I find a beautiful new home on the Central Coast. My Wife and I felt we needed additional assistance with our search, as we had quite the list of "must haves" and didn't have an intimate knowledge of the 2-3 areas we were keen on. I initially spoke with 3 local buyers agents and picked Michael because we felt instantly connected through the interview process - you could just sense he was good at what he does, had the appropriate connections, knowledge and a desire to deliver the perfect outcome. Needless to say we were very happy with the end result and most pleased with the professional way in which Micheal approached our complicated objectives from start to finish. Thanks to Micheal for all the help and assistance to find us the perfect new home.
Wade O'Neill
Wade O'Neill
May 14, 2022
Michael was amazing to deal with from our initial conversation through to getting the deal done. Knowledgeable, professional and a great guy. Would certainly use his expertise again.
Mary Whalan
Mary Whalan
May 8, 2022
Michael is an astute professional with a strong work ethic. Michael went over and above what was required and accommodated my preferences to obtain the right property. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone who wants to reduce the risk of Not finding the RIGHT property.
Jameel Hasan
Jameel Hasan
April 22, 2022
Michael was extremely helpful towards the buyer and agent and would go above and beyond to get a deal done for his clients.
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Why choose our auction bidding service:

We can advise you whether you are in the running for the property. We appraise the property to know its real value and prevent you from overpaying.

We inspect the property to give us a complete understanding of its features and potential problems and issues.

We develop a pre-auction plan with you to ensure everyone is on the same page about your budget and desired outcome.
We maintain a calm and collected attitude during the auction, which helps us avoid costly mistakes.

We work hard to achieve the best result possible for you. Your interest is always our top priority.
We have a great deal of experience, having worked in the Central Coast real estate market for many years.

Our auction bidding service is ideal if you:

  • Have done your own property research, and the one you liked is for sale by auction. We also offer a Full-Service Buyers Agent
    service if you need more assistance with the property search process.
  • Haven’t bid at an auction before and you’re anxious about the process.
  • Keep being unsuccessful at auctions and want someone to represent you.
  • Find the emotions and pressure of auctions overwhelming.

What Our Auction Bidding Service Includes:

Auction bidding in Central Coast
  • Inspect the property: We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of the property before we begin the auction process, providing you with a detailed summary on its condition, location, and potential. As a result, you can make an informed decision regarding whether or not to bid on the property.
  • Analysis of property value: Based on comparable sales in the area, market trends, and other relevant factors, our team will perform an in-depth analysis of the property’s value. By doing so, you will have a clear idea of what the property is worth.
  • Preparation leading up to auction: Before the auction, we’ll work closely with you to develop a bidding strategy that suits your needs and budget. Also, we will provide you with tips and advice on what to expect at the auction.
  • Bidding strategy: We’ll develop a bidding strategy based on our expertise in the market and our understanding of the property. Whether you want to bid aggressively or take a more cautious approach, we’ll help you stay within your budget.
  • Representation at auction: We will represent you at the auction and bid on your behalf. With our knowledge of the property, the market, and best practices, we’ll navigate the auction to secure the best possible price. 

Getting the best deal possible on your dream property is easy with our help.

From inspecting the property to making the final bid, we will handle every aspect of the auction process.

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