Frequently Asked Questions

There is a reason I focus purely on the Central Coast. I have lived here most of my life; I know it inside and out, and I believe that a Buyer’s Agent who is niched in a particular area is going to far exceed the expectations of their clients. This is in contrast to a Buyer’s Agent who stretches themselves too thinly over large areas. It is also the quality of the relationships I have with real estate agents and complementary services on the Central Coast that adds to the unsurpassed value I deliver to my clients.

As you will read from any of my client testimonials, I go above and beyond for my clients, caring deeply about them and their results. I am:

  • Specialised – focusing my energy on the Central Coast in order to keep up to date with the latest and most relevant information for my clients.
  • Educated – With a business degree majoring in property and a diploma of mortgage broking and finance, I believe in learning something new every day. That’s why I continue to participate in further studies to expand my knowledge for the benefit of my clients. Summed up in this fitting quote by Ben Carson – “Knowledge is the key that unlocks all the doors”. 
  • Committed – I never give up…and keep looking until we find you the perfect property for the perfect price.

A Buyer’s Agent works solely for the purchaser and is paid by the purchaser. In contrast, a Real Estate Agent works for the seller (vendor) and is legally obligated to do so. 

Every acquisition is unique, and each strategy needs to be flexible, fluent and dynamic. I understand all the internal and external factors affecting the market at any one time so that my strategy stays on point.

I work closely with Real Estate Agents on a daily basis and gain information on properties before they are made public, if and when they reach the market. This enables me to act quickly and be ahead of any other potential buyers, increasing the chance of securing the perfect property for my clients. 

I’m very proud of my reputation as someone who is honest, a clear communicator and has integrity in all that I do. I ensure that my clients have access to all the details they require to make the most informed decisions. I believe communication is the key.

The Central Coast is an amazing place to live and invest in. It offers a broad range of property types at different price points. It offers affordable options relative to the major cities and you can still get value for your money. There are always opportunities in any market, and being close to the ground enables me to identify those opportunities when they arise.

The Central Coast has strong growth prospects well into the future, backed by infrastructure spending and a diverse local economy, lifestyle benefits and proximity to two major CBDs being Sydney and Newcastle. On top of that, the vacancy rates for rental properties have always been historically low, and as of December 2022, they are below 1.3%. This generally sees higher yields compared to Sydney.

Research must be current and extensive, including growth drivers, major infrastructure, commercial developments, suburb insights and demographics. I share this information with my clients to help them better understand the area and then assist them in choosing the most suitable location. Once a property is selected, I undertake a detailed comparable sales analysis to determine the value of the property and provide this to my clients so they can make an informed decision.

I believe a great negotiation results in both parties feeling happy with the result and neither walks away thinking they were taken advantage of. It is a fine art, and it’s essential to know which levers to pull and at what time to achieve the best possible outcome.

I have developed my skills through undertaking hundreds of property transactions in both residential and commercial properties. I am continually developing new strategies and researching better ways to achieve the best results.

From engagement, the process usually takes about 2-6 weeks to source and secure a property, with the fastest client purchase being 6 days from engagement. It depends on the type of property you’re looking for and how readily available they are.

The deposit is non-refundable, but I have never had a client who I have not been able to purchase for. Before engaging my services, I am upfront and honest if I do not feel I will be able to achieve your requirements. I work closely with you in developing your brief and making sure it is possible to find a suitable property before proceeding.

Clients rave about my local knowledge and the detailed market analysis I provide of surrounding comparable sales. This analysis offers a deeper understanding of the value of the property, and I use this information during negotiations to ensure we secure the property for the perfect price.

It’s ingrained in the Australian culture that people buy their own properties. The Buyer’s Agent service is starting to boom in Australia. This is because it’s becoming harder to secure the perfect property for the perfect price for most Australians who are not property professionals.

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