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In the first instalment of my appearance on Bushy Martin’s “Get Invested” podcast, which I covered in the blog post “Investing in Time”, I shared my personal journey, emphasising the early investment decisions, the power of compounding interest and the influence of family values on my path to financial success.

In this second part of the podcast series, we dive deeper into the more intricate aspects of property investment. We are going to discuss overcoming common challenges in the investment world, the vital role of buyers’ agents, and mastering property negotiation techniques. In this post, I’ll share some of the questions about property investment strategies I’ve addressed on the podcast, drawing on both my professional and personal experiences.

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Section 1: The Role and Value of Buyer's Agents

Why do you think property buyers should engage a buyer agent?

Engaging a buyer’s agent is essential, particularly for newcomers to property investment. We provide expertise, experience, reassurance, and guidance, especially valuable for first-time buyers. While some may hesitate to invest in a buyer’s agent, considering it an unnecessary expense, our deep market knowledge and experience are invaluable. We offer insights and advice that can prevent costly mistakes and lead to more informed decisions, making our services a worthwhile investment for a successful property journey.

What sets a great buyer's agent apart, and how do national vs. local agents differ?

A great buyer’s agent stands out through extensive experience and exceptional customer service, focusing on understanding and meeting clients’ unique needs. When choosing a buyer’s agent, consider their track record and the types of properties they specialise in. Local area specialists offer intimate, on-the-ground knowledge, which can be crucial in identifying unique opportunities. In contrast, national agents may have a broader scope but might lack detailed local insights.

Section 2: Key Strategies for Successful Property Investment

What do you see as the biggest mistakes that property investors make...?

In property investment, one of the most significant mistakes is the imbalance in research. Investors often either fall short by not doing enough research, leading to choices that don’t align with their goals, or they get caught in ‘analysis paralysis’ by over-researching. It may result in selecting either the wrong property or the wrong area, not performing as intended, and leading to a negative experience. The key is finding the right amount of research that instils confidence, complemented by advice from a trusted team, and then taking decisive action based on that advice.

How should investors choose a location and what are the key growth drivers to consider?

Choosing the right location for investment requires a balance of data analysis and an understanding of the local culture and desires of the area’s residents. Use free and paid resources to understand growth drivers like infrastructure development, amenities, and community preferences. For example, on the Central Coast, there’s a preference for properties with backyards over units or strata-titled properties. Key growth drivers include factors like supply and demand dynamics, infrastructure investments, and demographic trends. Understanding these elements is crucial for identifying potential growth areas.

Section 3: Off-Market Properties and Negotiation

What are your insights on off-market properties, and how can buyers assess their value effectively?

Off-market properties present unique opportunities, particularly in competitive markets with low supply. They allow access to properties with less competition, which can be crucial for securing better deals. To effectively assess the value of off-market properties, conduct a thorough market analysis and valuation, considering recent sales and local market trends. By determining the true market value, investors can make well-informed investment decisions.

Could you share some negotiation tips for property purchases?

Effective negotiation in property purchases begins with a solid understanding of the property’s market value. Conduct a detailed market analysis and be aware of recent sales in the area. Know the property’s worth to you and be prepared to walk away if the price exceeds that value. Additionally, understanding the seller’s needs, such as a longer settlement period or specific terms, can be just as important as the price. It’s about balancing your valuation and the seller’s unique circumstances to create a win-win situation.

Section 4: Timing and Decision-Making in Property Investment

How can investors solve the perfect timing puzzle for property purchases?

Property investment is more about ‘time in the market’ than trying to ‘time the market.’ There’s rarely a ‘perfect’ time to buy, as the market always fluctuates. The ideal time to purchase is when you’re financially ready and have access to the necessary finance or capital. Waiting for the perfect moment often leads to missed opportunities. Acting when you’re prepared rather than trying to predict market movements is crucial.

What's your approach to decision-making challenges in property investment?

My approach is centred on transparency and prioritisation when faced with challenges like competing client briefs or difficulty securing high-quality property. I work with a limited number of clients at a time to provide personalised service. If clients have overlapping needs, I prioritise based on engagement order and communicate openly about any waiting periods. When finding the right property takes longer than expected, I maintain client confidence and comfort, ensuring we don’t rush into decisions and take the time to find the right match.

Section 5: Market Insights and Client Profiles

What is the profile of property buyers and investors who are the best fit to work with you?

The ideal clients for my services are those looking for properties with good capital growth potential, typically in the price range of $600,000 to $1 million. I cater to clients who value local market knowledge and are seeking long-term investment opportunities. Those looking for quick flips or with unrealistic market expectations might not be the best fit.

What are your insights on medium-term property conditions and the best investment opportunities?

Looking at medium-term property conditions, I’m optimistic about growth, especially in areas with strong infrastructure and community amenities. The Central Coast, in particular, offers promising opportunities due to its evolving market and lifestyle appeal. Focusing on areas experiencing urban renewal or infrastructure upgrades is advisable for growth investors, as these are hotspots for growth. Identifying regions where supply is limited and demand continues to rise is key to finding the best investment opportunities.

Conclusion: Embracing Perseverance and Daily Discipline

"A quitter never wins and a winner never quits."

This profound quote from Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ isn’t just a line I admire; it’s the ethos I embody every day. It encapsulates the essence of perseverance and resilience, essential qualities that have steered me through the ups and downs of the property market.

Embracing this philosophy, I’ve learned the importance of the ‘one percenters’ – those small, daily actions that gradually build up to significant results. It’s about relentlessly pursuing goals, marrying hard work with smart strategies, and maintaining unwavering commitment, even in the face of challenges.

While this blog post offers a glimpse into my insights and strategies, there’s so much more to the story. I encourage you to listen to the full podcast for a more in-depth look at my experiences, the lessons I’ve learned, and the wisdom I’ve accumulated. There, you’ll discover a wealth of information, extending well beyond what we’ve touched upon here and providing a holistic view of successful property investment.

Feel free to contact me for any help you need in your property investment journey and for expert buyer’s agent services.

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Michael Olivieri

Michael Olivieri is a graduate of Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Business and Commerce degree in Property. He has spent over ten years in the real estate industry, gaining a deep understanding of the local property market. Michael's primary focus is delivering exceptional service to his clients, providing them with the information they need to make informed decisions while ensuring a smooth and hassle-free property buying experience.

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